We restore hope of the victims of teenage pregnancies and socially reintegrate them into the community through the following ways;

  1. Run spiritual and emotional workshops.
  2. Family visits for dialogue.
  3. Temporal hosting of Victims.
  4. Construction of  a mission house.

We sensitize teenagers about dangers of early pregnancies and also
pre-marital trainings. We achieve this through;

  1. School sensitization programs.
  2. Parish sensitization.
  3. Community sensitizations and dialogue programs.
  4. Marriage formation for young couples in courtship.
  5. Media  – Radio and TV Talk shows, News paper articles
Sensitization Session

We empower teenage mothers with  self sustainable – livelihood skills through;

  1. Re-entry to school program.
  2. Vocational and livelihood skills training.
  3. Self-awareness and Talents development.
  4. Training in sanitation and health care (breast feeding and infant care).

Our Achievements.

  • We visited and registered 71 teenage mothers, from 3 villages, in last nine months.
  • We empowered and skilled 59 teenage mothers in Baking, weaving mats, baskets, making books, candles, making liquid soap.
  • Worked to sensitize students in one school on the dangers of early pregnancies.
  • We have consistently done pastoral care for 10 teenage mothers for the last six month.
  • We have been able to offer prayer support, listened to their story and stand with them. Trained some vocational skills.
  • Worked with five young couples for premarital formation.
  • We have 5 volunteers for the organization who have given their time and passion to support the teenage mothers.

What we plan on doing next;

  • Continuously update  our website to create more visibility for the organization and to be to raise more help to support the mothers.
  • Increase our sensitization programs to 5 schools, 3 Parishes, 4 Community dialogue meetings and families in a year.
  • Sponsor rehabilitated mothers back to school for them to achieve their life dreams.
  • Purchase 10 acres of land for agriculture – to help in sustainability of the project.
  • Construct a mission house for temporally stay for the neglected pregnant teenage mothers and those that have given birth plus accommodations for volunteers.

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