Support a teenage mother

In the past five years, #SmileAgain. Has served over 300 vulnerable teen moms, between 14 – 20 yrs. These moms are dropped out of their families by parents, school dropouts, dumped by friends and isolated by society. Many leave on Streets, others in ghetto areas ( slums). This has caused a high rate prostitution.

Giving birth at this early age, this has resulted also into another Monster called “FISTULA” amongst these moms. This problem is caused within the young mothers especially after giving birth, and many of our mothers have faced this problem. Because of  it’s uncontrolled passage of waste all the time, these mothers are neglected, abandoned, unloved, and isolated from society, so they need special attention.

We invite you to meet Agnes, 20 yr who represents many of our moms, she is expecting another baby, but dumped and leaves by her self and needs help.
Smile Again has supported her, she has a challenge to look   for self sustainability since she has been abandoned.
For more support towards her hospital bill, self care, etc is highly welcome,
You can donate to support her by using our PayPal account;

Or Reach-out to us on via our contact page.

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