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We have a saying that, “Leaders are made and not born”, many times we need someone to believe in us and speak into our lives which causes us to rise up and change our lives forever.

As Smile Again we believe we have leaders whose calling has been down trodden, hidden in mad and shattered, from the 27th to the 31st of January 2020, we had our first ever leaders’ training for 15 teenage mothers who have benefitted from the several programs we have arranged to better their lives.

We realized that with the growing cases of teenage pregnancies in the communities, these mothers can help fellow teenagers not to fall prey to the life they have gone through but also to encourage those mothers that are struggling and need support to rise on their feet; we call this intentional multiplication discipleship.

One of the lessons we learnt was about being proactive and not reactive and thus live and grow our circle of influence and not concern. Rashida one of the mothers said that ; “ Many times I  have sat home and cried over my pain and needs for my children like food , health and  school fees but today I have realized I can do something to improve my life and as I step out of this training I feel stronger to change my situation”.

This statement amazed all the facilitators and helped us to know how much we need to challenge the mothers to grow from dependence to independence level and then to interdependent.

This also gives these young ladies to lead from their community and rise up, their challenge is to live on what they have learnt and look out for more teenage mothers and pass it on.

In confined cities and refugee camps, deliver critical things to struggling families and the elderly. Money is not always the way to help the poor. You can get involved by giving them anything that you are capable of. Many a penny makes a pond; drops of water make the ocean. So if we work together we can change the world in a better way.

At the top the leaders are having small group sharing and at the bottom  , Jackie and Rose representing their small group, what they can do to change the situations in their lives (their circle of influence).

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