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Is it really already almost December?!

While at times during the lockdown back home I felt like this year would never end, I am now amazed at how fast time seems to be flying by here in Uganda. Christmas time is coming fast; I already have seen posts from many friends and family members back home who have their trees and decorations up! Tis the season! My surroundings are slightly different this year… instead of snow on the ground and corn fields, I look out to see the sun shining and banana trees  This time of year always fills me with so much excitement, and I can’t wait to get to experience my first Christmas in Uganda!

As an organization, Smile Again Families always tries to do something special for the mothers around Christmas time. Due to the virus, we won’t be having a big Christmas party here at the mission house, but we are still planning to bring some Christmas spirit to the mothers in their villages! We’ve done our best to put together a manageable budget so that we can buy each mother and child a few sanitary items and some food for a Christmas meal. This package will consist of 2kg’s of rice and sugar, 1 kg of porridge, some small cakes, soap, and a reusable sanitary pad. We plan to package everything up nicely for the mothers so that each family can receive an individual gift- we hope to make them feel loved and appreciated during this time!

After sitting down and calculating the cost for each item, we’ve concluded that the cost per mother will be about 33,300 Ugandan shillings, or $9. This will allow us to purchase all of the items listed above as well as plastic bags to put the gifts in for each mother! As we have about 150 mothers we are currently working with, the total budget that we are aiming for is $1,350.

Would you like to help send a mother a Christmas gift this year? We’ve created a Venmo account and we still have the PayPal up and running, so feel free to use whichever is the easiest- every little bit counts! The username for our Venmo is Smile Again Families Uganda, or @SmileAgainFamiliesUganda. Also feel free to send a Christmas note or prayer to our email, and I will copy them to paper and make sure that one of the mothers receives your kind words and love! You can send any note to smileagain.families@gmail.com – I am positive that the mothers would love to hear from you! We hope to be able to deliver these gifts the first few weeks of December so that the mothers can cook the food for a Christmas meal.

Thank you all so much for your kindness and your generosity. I wish that you could see the smiles on the mother’s faces as they receive your Christmas gifts; I will try to capture the moment in some photos to share! Your thoughtfulness is such a blessing to these mothers and to us here at Smile Again Families Uganda! Webale nnyo (thank you very much- in Luganda).

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