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Helping Mothers Discover Their Inner Worth.


Every year, Smile Again Families holds an annual event of young mothers of ages 19 years and below, this is to help them realize their worth, for them to know that amidst what happened in their lives.

The Harvest Is Abundant.


Hello! My name is Aleesha Roessler, and I am currently volunteering with Smile Again Families Uganda. I am staying with Fredie, Stella, and their wonderful, joy-filled children; I plan to be here for about 6 months! I am a recent college graduate from the University of Illinois, which also happens to be my home state!

Discipling Teenage Mothers for Mission


We have a saying that, “Leaders are made and not born”, many times we need someone to believe in us and speak into our lives which causes us to rise up and change our lives forever.

Realizing The Vision Of My Life


As we closed the year in December 2020, we went round in the homes of these mothers asking them of what they had done about their vision now that it was about 4 months. Amazingly many of them had started small businesses to earn some money to bring them to the big dream.

Support A Teenage Mother


In the past five years, #SmileAgain. Has served over 300 vulnerable teen moms, between 14 – 20 yrs. These moms are dropped out of their families by parents, school dropouts, dumped by friends and isolated by society. Many leave on Streets, others in ghetto areas ( slums). This has caused a high rate prostitution..

This Is It! Economic Empowerment


Smile Again Families Uganda  works to build and strengthen families through sensitization, formation and skills development of young people.